It’s hard to believe our inaugural year of RELN is coming to a close and that we’re already preparing for our second annual summit. Our first year’s summit brought us together and began our conversation.  Together we questioned, discussed, and reflected about the idea of college and career readiness.  How we understood it as individuals and leaders, how the members of our communities understood it, and how we could more effectively engage the community in the conversation.  Many thanks William Anton, Pam BuffingtonJeff Woodward , Chris Wellington, Matt Manning, Tom White, Matt Martell, Dr. Cynthia Waltham, and Dr. Christina Flanders for contributing to the conversation and supporting us in evaluating or perceptions, perspectives, and practice as school and district leaders.  Your contribution to our work was invaluable.

Our second annual summit will be July 12 and 13 at Plymouth State University.  Our conversation will continue and expand around the ideas from our first year.  How do we market our schools to the community? How can schools and communities more purposefully partner in order to impact economic trends in our rural areas? How can we support the ability of students to see opportunities when known may obviously exist? How can we support the development of the skills and dispositions that the support entrepreneurship?  Big questions to be sure but together we’ll work toward answers and together we’ll become stronger educational leaders.


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